"...Dr. Smoller is hands down the best doctor I have been to. My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was 20 months old. Afraid and upset I had no idea where to start. Now that my son is 4, Dr. Smoller has been there with us every step of the way, from early intervention to getting ready for kindergarten. Her demeanor is calm, positive, thorough, attentive, flexible and personal. I know that any issues, concerns or problems that may arise I can call her to talk; she is always available for her patients and their families. I highly recommend Dr. Smoller to anyone who is questioning developmental growth with their child or has already discovered challenges their child may have. She is the best!" ~K.L.

"...Raising a child with autism, ad/hd and sensory processing disorder is an extremely overwhelming task. We were faced with many questions and needed help. Dr. Alison Smoller was the answer my family was looking for. She took the necessary time to get to know my child, to really understand who he is and what his struggles are. She continuously worked to help find the right diagnosis, therapy plan and medication routine that would be most beneficial to my son. We were not just a number to her – my child was important to her. Now almost three years since his diagnosis, he is thriving in school and continuously working on his social skills and behavior. Dr. Smoller is always listening to my concerns and ready to make changes to my child’s wellness plan. I am confident in stating that Dr. Smoller has tremendously helped my child accomplish all that he has and he will continue on his path to success." ~R.D.

"...What an amazing doctor and person you are. I don't know what we would do without you. Thank you for always being so kind and compassionate. We adore you and are blessed to have you in our life." ~D.F. 

"...Dr Smoller sees our 9 year old son. She is kind, caring, patient and professional. We absolutely love her. Our son thinks she's wonderful, too, which speaks volumes as any parent of a child with a disability knows!” We highly recommend her!" ~M.W.

"...Dr Smoller is one of a kind! She is patient and understanding. I highly recommend her." ~L.G.

“...I just received your evaluation. I must say you are right on target! Not only was the report well written and extremely thorough, I felt you got right to the heart of the matter after only meeting [my son] once…Thank you again for your support, professionalism and keen insight. I am so happy B.H. led us to you. I think with your medical and professional guidance [my son] can and will succeed.” ~C.T.

"...I would like to thank you for your very informative and comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan for [my son]. The office staff was very courteous and friendly and I am very pleased that we opted to seek out care with your practice." ~K.P.

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