Is your child struggling with school, and you aren't sure why? They're intelligent but can't seem to get the hang of things. However, there's a chance that they may have learning abilities teachers need to prepare for and understand. Thankfully, Developmental Pediatrics of Central Jersey in  that Monmouth County, New Jersey, with our developmental pediatrician Dr. Alison Smoller can help you better understand this process.

Know the Warning Signs

Not all children who struggle in school have a learning disability. Some may simply find school boring and ignore their teacher. Others may earnestly try to learn but struggle. These children may have a learning ability that holds them back. Here are a few signs your child is one of them:

  • Hard time remembering lessons immediately after finishing them
  • Struggle to focus on homework and tests
  • Inability to write or count correctly, even after practice
  • Poor self-esteem makes their education even harder

These warning signs indicate that your child is trying hard to learn but can't seem to do it properly. They suggest a real risk for learning disabilities that parents must manage effectively.

Understand What's Happening

A learning disability doesn't mean your child is unintelligent or incapable of learning. All it means is that there's a barrier holding them back from reaching their full potential. Thankfully, teachers understand these issues more deeply than ever and can help your child learn effectively.

First, knowing precisely what your child may be experiencing is essential. A learning disability can vary from dyslexia (which makes reading challenging) to motor skill limitations. With the help of Dr. Smoller at Developmental Pediatrics of Central Jersey, you can help your child succeed.

Get Help From a Professional 

At Developmental Pediatrics of Central Jersey, Dr. Smoller can provide the unique help that your child needs to manage learning issues. She fully understands the complexities of these concerns and can provide the following:

  • Physical therapy to help them write more effectively 
  • Emotional support to make their education easier 
  • Help finding educational methods that work for them 
  • Assistance for your needs, whatever they are 

We know that when your child suffers, you suffer as well. As a result, we'll do what we can to help you, including talking with you about what's happening and giving you an outlet for your anxiety.

Give Your Child a Chance

Your child deserves the chance to thrive in an educational environment that makes sense. That's where we at Developmental Pediatrics of Central Jersey can help. Dr. Smoller has treated learning disabilities in Monmouth County, New Jersey, for many years and will work hard for you. Call us at (732) 660-0220 to learn how we can help. We proudly serves patients from all over the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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