Accommodating Your Child's ADHD

ADHD can affect children from all backgrounds and the symptoms are varied. Many children with ADHD find it difficult to focus and pay attention to tasks at hand. Some children may also display impulsive or hyperactive behavior. Though there is currently no cure for the disorder, treatment from a qualified health professional can ease the symptoms of ADHD. With a proper treatment strategy, most children with ADHD are productive in school and lead successful lives. Dr. Alison Smoller is based in Monmouth County, Ocean, NJ, and specializes in developmental pediatrics.

Developing an IEP for Your Child

School is very challenging for children with ADHD. There are many distractions in the classroom, and it can be difficult for them to focus. An IEP (Individualized Education Program) can help your child with ADHD make the most of their time in the classroom. Here are some tips that target ADHD challenges:

  • Reduce distraction: Try seating your child in the middle of the room away from doors and windows.
  • Extend personal space: If your child tends to talk to or reach out to other students, try increasing the distance between desks.
  • Allow extra time: Make sure your child has plenty of time to finish assignments. You can also break assignments into small stages.
  • Help with following instructions: If your child has difficulty following instructions, combine written instructions with oral instructions.
  • Help with focus: If your child is easily distracted, give cues such as private signals to help them stay on task.
  • Provide positive reinforcement: Ask the teacher to send weekly reports home.
  • Provide a role model: To encourage good behavior, have your child sit next to a well-behaved student.

Don’t let your child’s ADHD disrupt his or her learning. Work together with your child’s teachers so that you can all provide the best educational experience possible. You know your child better than anyone, so identify his or her particular challenges so their time in the classroom is a positive experience.

If you have a child with ADHD and you live in Monmouth County, Ocean, NJ, contact Dr. Alison Smoller today at 732-660-0220 to arrange an appointment.

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