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Would an Individualized Education Program (IEP) Help?

Is your child struggling to get a proper education because of a learning disability? If so, contact your Oakhurst, NJ, developmental Individualized Educationpediatrician, also serving Monmouth County and Pennsylvania, Dr. Alison Smoller at Developmental Pediatrician Developmental Pediatrics of Central Jersey.

IEP in Monmouth County, Oakhurst, and PA

Individualized Education Program (IEP) helps children integrate in a school setting by providing them with the right kind of schooling needed.

Starting the IEP

Your developmental pediatrician will begin by providing an initial evaluation. They need to assess how best to approach your child's needs in terms of teachers and other academic providers, like paraprofessional educators. Specialist need to know how to accommodate lectures for your child's learning disability.

More on IEP

Comprehensive and in-depth assessments of disabled students help provide suitable and well-constructed academic goals and objectives for their special needs.

An IEP consists of three aspects:

  • How the student learns
  • How they demonstrate that learning
  • Finding academic providers who can provide the student with the proper academic settings.

Advantages of IEP:

  • IEPs help children succeed in their schoolwork.
  • IEPs help students enjoy a "normal" school culture with academic success. 
  • Successful IEPs help children achieve independence, but special assistance is provided if need be.
  • Aside from the assistance provided, children are free to socialize in normal social circles on campus.

If you need more information about IEPs and how they can help improve the academic lives of your child, don't hesitate to give Developmental Pediatrics of Central Jersey a call today at (732) 660-0220. The office proudly serves patients from all over the state of New Jersey including Pennsylvania.

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